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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Singapore Girl

here is one good quote worthy of becoming a tagline in future SIA ads.. it says it all for the current debate on a makeover of Singapore Girl..

"I was so impressed with SIA's Singapore Girl that I married one!!"
- Bill Padfield, CEO of Datacraft

haha.. i'm sure it will definitely bring SIA's branding efforts a notch higher..

(photo courtesy of SIA)


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

E27 Unconference

last thursday, i went over to SMU to attend E27 unconference organized by Entrepreneur27 and sponsored by SGEntrepreneurs.. (unconference meaning that there is no fixed agenda, and participants throw off ideas and discussions on the spot..) this is my 2nd time attending the event.. and it gets better and better every year, i must say..

the discussions were centered around Web 2.0, Virtual Communities and MMORPGs.

here are some of the photos (courtesy of wkaihong)

and some of the interesting ppl i got to know at the event:

*Herryanto Siatono from Pluit Solutions and BookJetty (although i had known him online for quite some time, that was my first time meeting him in person. oh btw, BookJetty was recently feature in Lianhe Zaobao.)

* Leon Leong from Wisheus which promises to make your wishes come true

* Leonard Lin from Tyler Project which has rolled out an amazing online casual game

* Nicholas Chan from Azione Capital (need funding?? call him..)

* Jeffrey Tiong from PATSnap which stands for patents in a snap

* Justin Lee from E27 (co-founder)

wow, it was interesting to see how the web landscape is being shaped.. the future is full of exciting opportunities..

oh, here is my Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone..


Saturday, February 17, 2007

One good riddle

this is one good riddle to solve..

it claims that 97% of ppl don't get it.. and the majority of ppl who do get it (the other 3%) are female..

see if u can solve..

so, where is the other dollar?? haha.. nice one huh..


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Starting a New Chapter..

i just received an email from the President of Singapore Computer Society - Student Chapter.. he informed me of my appointment as Technology Director.. (i had applied for a position a few days ago..)

the reason why i wanted to join SCS-SC is because i will get a chance to rub shoulders with the giants in the industry.. who knows.. things could take off from there..

and of course, with the position comes other perks too.. got to attend events, CEO talks, networking nites free of charge.. and i'll get to join SCS after i graduate..

so, here i am.. starting a new chapter in life.. now, if u excuse me, let me go write a nice one..


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Walk to Remember

here are two music video clips from the movie "A Walk to Remember"..

there u go..


Happy Valentine's Day

what?? blogging on Valentine's Day nite?? shouldn't u be out on a date?? these are the questions u may have on ur mind and be dying to ask me now..

well yes.. i'm stuck at home A-L-O-N-E..

just the other day, i was having dinner with a good friend of mine whom i hadn't met for a while.. so, we were catching up on things, and half way thru the conversation, she suddenly popped me this question: have u "upgraded" yet?? (that's our code word for going from singlehood to, u know, the other side of the fence..) and there was this serious and concerned look on her face.. i tried to brush off her question casually by saying: nah, too busy..

and she threw a big nudge to my senses and asked me: "what is wrong with u??"





that question got me thinking.. yeah, what is wrong with me??

(don't get me wrong.. i'm not a gay.. nah, no.. definitely not.. 101% positive.. can swear on ath..)

seriously, i need some advice from Dating Specialist.. (Kloudiia, pls.. pls.. i'll buy u a drink.. =)

so, i sat down and did some contemplation.. and the conclusion i could come out with.. is that.. Lady Love is still busy with other people and hasn't got time to pay me a visit.. yet..

anyway, here is wishing everyone Happy Valentine's Day..

and a lovely video for u to enjoy..

love u all..


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