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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Web 2.0: from E-Biz to Me-Biz

Last night, i attended a seminar cum networking session called "Web 2.0: from E-Biz to Me-Biz". It was organized by The Digital Movement. TDM was founded by a group of undergraduate students who have done their internship at Silicon Valley, working for start-up companies.

The main speaker of the event was Andreas Weigend - Amazon's former chief scientist and one of the world's top experts on the web. As the chief scientist of Amazon, he was instrumental for innovations in modeling and predicting customer behavior and for the successful application of these ideas. He also did consultation for the high-flier startups like and

Andreas was a fantastic speaker and did a great job in explaining how the web is developing from e-biz to me-biz and how the traditional e-businesses need to adapt to this change - from vendor-centric sites to user-centric meta-data collections. (more of what Andreas discussed later on..)

It was really a great event. Here are some photos:



At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andreas is a very forward thinker. Amazing guy.

You blog has been listed at btw.

Join the SG Blogging community. Cheers.

Are you vietnamese?


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