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Monday, September 03, 2007

ZillionTech Turns One Year Old Today

ZillionTech was officially launched on 3rd September 2006 (during my second year first semester in university). So, today marks a very special day for all of us at ZillionTech.

About one and a half years ago, I wouldn't even have thought that I would end up being in this line of business. Back then, I didn't even know the basic html code, let alone any full-fledged programming language. I guess it's hard to predict where life will take you to. But it has always been my belief that wherever we are and whatever we do, we have to strive for the best.

Looking back, ZillionTech has its own fair share of ups and downs. We have worked with the good, the bad and the ugly clients. Some have been really supportive and loyal. Some have been demanding. One client has been delaying the project for nearly a year, and postponing the payment. We have made many mistakes as well. But we learnt from our mistakes and move on.

Currently, we are in the process of doing a major revamp for our site. We got busy with other projects that we neglected our own site for so long. ZillionTech will be focusing more on web application development and other related business areas that we are exploring. We will make the announcement when the time comes.

This blog will also be finding a new home at It's kind of hard to leave behind a PR3 site (Update Jan 3rd 09: PR3 seems to have dropped to PR1 because of my infrequent postings in this blog.) and move to a new site. But it has to be done sooner rather than later. So, this entry might become the last post here.

Lastly, I would like to express my grateful and heart-felt thanks to the following people who have guided me in one way or another:

# Mr Steve Ting (Executive Chairman of Frontline Technologies Corp - one of the largest tech counters on SGX) He is the first person who inspired me to go into this business.

# Mr Lionel Yeo (Co-founder of YeeOuch!) He has been recommending us to some of his clients.

# Mr Paddy Tan (Founder and CEO of BAK2u) He has been very helpful and guiding me along.

# Dr Sheh Seoh Wah (Senior Lecturer, School of Business, SP. An author of numerous academic papers and famous book "Chinese Leadership") Dr Sheh is sort of like a mentor for my spiritual journey.

# Prof Cecil Chua (Professor, NBS, NTU. An author of numerous research papers on Information Systems technology) Prof Chua is my 2nd year database tutor as well as my FYP supervisor. He is really a very "rare kind of professor" who goes the extra mile for his students. (I will write more about him in another post.) He has been giving me technical as well as legal advice.

# Our business partners, resellers and customers

Thank you, everyone! And Happy Birthday to ZillionTech!



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