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Sunday, June 10, 2007

69 Love Notes

One of my friends, Kloudiia (The Dating Specialist), has just published her debut book in Singapore. It is beautifully titled, "The 69 Love Notes". The book will teach you "how to build and maintain true love using 69 secrets that create a loving and lasting relationship you have always dreamed of". You can buy it at all major bookstores (Popular, Times, MPH and Kinokuniya).

Here is the beautiful cover of the book (photo courtesy of Kloudiia):

May you all be happily in love!


Sunday, June 03, 2007

World Internet Mega Summit

I was at World Internet Mega Summit last weekend. It was a great event, I must say. Some people paid over $2k to attend the event. (me?? i got a free gold-seat ticket..) But just meeting Jay Abraham in person might have been worth the price. (Jay Abraham, dubbed as the world's No. 1 marketing genius, charges $50,000 a day for consultation. His clients are mostly Fortune 500 companies. I'm an avid fan of his works and have a complete collection of his CDs.)

Some of the giants in the industry who were at the summit include:

1) Jay Abraham
2) Stephen Pierce (One of the well-known internet marketing gurus and a successful motivational speaker. He usually shares the stage with Anthony Robbins.): Stephen, as promised at the start of the event, managed to raise $100,000 during the 4-day summit to feed one million hungry children all over the world. He truly inspired all of us.
3) Tom Hua (Co-founder of WIMS): Tom migrated from China to Australia with no money and spoke very little english at that time. He is now a multi millionaire.
4) Brett McFall (Co-founder of WIMS): Brett is one of the best-paid copy writers in the world. And he is one fantastic speaker.
5) Mike Filsaime: He made $1,000,000 in internet sales in just 5 days. That's some record to be proud of.
6) Ewen Chia: He is a local affiliate marketer and was recently featured in Sunday Times for consistently making 5-figure sum every month on the internet. He lives in a 5-storey one-million-dollar house in Yishun, with his beautiful wife and two children.

I'll write more about what I learnt during the summit in another post. And I would say, it will be a very long long post. Or I might not write about it at all, since it will be long, and I will never be in mood to write long posts.


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