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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sometimes, You Need to Skip Lectures in order to Save the World

i've been looking for some good reasons for my frequent skipping of lectures.. (in fact, i've attended only one lecture in this entire semester.. does the word "frequent" constitute that?? haha..)

my so-called good justification is that i've been following the advice of Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Record, Virgin Airline and Virgin Group of Companies) who said that during three months of running a business, you will learn as much as you do in three years at a business school.. couldn't agree with him more.. =)

and as a avid fan of Superman, here is one more good reason for me.. haha.. enjoy.. =)

so, in order to save the world, even Superman has to skip classes sometimes.. why shouldn't i?? haha..
as i'm writing this, i'm humming to the song Five for Fighting's Superman.. "I can’t stand to fly.. I’m not that naive.. Men weren’t meant to ride.. With clouds between their knees.."



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