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Monday, September 11, 2006

Greatest Lesson from Tiger

Tiger?? what tiger are u talking about, u might ask.. asian tiger?? sumatran tiger?? siberian tiger??

he is no ordinary tiger.. there is only one of his kind on the entire planet.. (endangered species, huh??) he is a true symbol of bravery and decisiveness.. when he makes his move, everyone has to watch in awe.. his preys will veil in fear when they hear his name.. (ok.. ok.. enough glorification.. pls just tell us who he is..)

i believe that you can always learn great lessons from sporting legends.. and one of my favourites is Tiger Woods.. (ohhhh, that tiger.. nod.. nod..)

Tiger Woods who has won many championships in his golfing career, had the COURAGE and BRAVERY to change his golf swing at the peak of his career..

(photo courtesy of Tiger's official website)

he wasn't happy with his results and changed how he hit the golf ball..

what is truly amazing is that the best player in the world, during a time when he was winning many tournaments, made the decision to change how he played the game in a big way.. he took a very HUGE risk..

that is almost unheard of in any sports, or for that matter in general..

why did he do it?? here comes the greatest lesson for all of us..

Tiger is not focused on instant gratification.. he is focused on achieving his long term goals..

he is fine with taking 1 step backward today to take 3 steps forward tomorrow.. that's how the greatest personalities in history are made.. never being complacent.. he doesn't want to stay at where he is today.. he wants to achieve greater things..

the question we should ask ourselves is: will i become complacent??



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