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Sunday, August 20, 2006

No Sex Before Marriage

the other day, one of my friends asked me this question, out of blue: “will u have sex before marriage?” i was caught off guard.. i didn’t exactly have the answer for fornication..

i tried to explain by not giving a definite answer.. it all boils down to the individuals.. some ppl may view it as being against religion.. some ppl may view sexual abstinence as being “uncool” in this modern 21st century society..

according to a survey done by Today last year, nearly half of the respondents say yes to sex before marriage.. the other half say no.. so, conclusion can be drawn that the view on pre-marital sex is equally divided among the population..

some cultures explicitly and strictly forbid pre-marital sex.. for example, it’s a big NO-NO in Indian culture.. even discussing about it is considered to be a taboo..

of course, every view has its own merit and demerit points.. ppl on i-am-a-virgin side will tell all sorts of nasty things: diseases, unwanted pregnancy, unspirituality, etc..

ppl on the other side of the fence will tell: if the two persons really love each other, why not?? it's kind of “bonding” experience and becoming “oneness”.. or in my friend’s words: hey, look all the fun u are missing out..

for me, i’m rather conservative.. it’s not that i believe in abstinence.. but it’s just that it’s sort of fun to build up the excitement.. the other reason is that i’m waiting for someone i really love..

so, how abt u?? which side are u on?? it's up to u to decide..



At 6:42 AM, Blogger   said...

Interesting. The older I get, the more traditional I get with notions of courtship, marriage and sex. I imagine one changes with age and values.


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