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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Outward Bound Singapore: Episode II

here are some of the photos.. 3 of the most memorable days in my life.. we made lots and lots of like-minded friends.. we were bonded so much so that some of us were even called "Brokeback Brothers"..

Day 1: OBS

Day 1: Preparing the boats..

Day 1: Setting out to the sea.. ready to take on any obstacles..

Day 1: rain or shine.. come what may.. we will continue rowing..

Day 1: full of energy.. 1.. 2.. row.. 1.. 2.. row..

Day 1: it seemed like a never-ending journey to the end of the universe.. starting to feel tired.. hungry.. thirsty.. can we go home and sleep?? pleaseeee..

Day 1: don't give up.. look.. the sun is shining.. how beautiful!!

Day 1: yeaaaaaaa.. we made it.. the tune of The Temptations was in the air: ain't no mountain high enough.. ain't no valley low enough.. ain't no river wide enough.. we must add another line to the lyrics.. ain't no sea rough enough.. =)


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