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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Outward Bound Singapore: Episode I

About a month ago, I applied for this Minor in Entrepreneurship programme, which is extremely popular in NTU. Due to the overwhelming applications, we had to make a “sales pitch” about ourselves why we should be selected for this programme.

As part of their rigorous selection process, not only an essay had to be handed in, but also a presentation to a panel of interviewers had to be made. As we were informed, only one out of three MiE aspirants will be short-listed to be the “chosen ones”. (Miko, borrow ur words.. haha..) The air was tense, and the anticipation was unbearable.

As I was checking my email last Monday, the moment of truth arrived in my inbox with a message, “You have new mail.” (that’s the reason I hate MS Outlook.. always arouse my anticipation and provoke my impatientness.. is there such a word called impatientness, btw?? haha..) By just looking at the subject line, I knew it was from Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre. My eyes scrolled down the screen to see the first line of email: Dear blah blah blah, we are pleased to inform you that.. that’s all I needed to read.. with immerse overjoy, I nearly fell out of my chair and hit the floor.

To make the long story short, I was selected. But my enjoyment was short-lived. As I continued reading the rest of the email, I came to realize that the selection process was not over yet!! Every short-listed candidate must go for a COMPULSORY three-day Outward Bound Singapore training camp.

My heart nearly stopped beating.. my head was on fire.. my brain was overclocked.. It’s not that I am against the training camp. I’m all for it. But the problem is that the final exams are only 4 weeks away. And I have been postponing all my studies to the last 4 weeks.. seriously, I never really study until the exam is about to knock on my head and kick my butt.. (talking about studying at the last minute..) the last 4 weeks are my solid weeks - nothing should interrupt me, and every single second counts..

And gosh.. 3 whole days will be taken away.. not to mention the x number of days that I might need to recover from training.. (according to my seniors, the training is a mini army camp.. sleep will be deprived.. skin will be burnt.. body will be hurt..)

But I have no choice. From tomorrow to next Mon, I will be sweating under the sun with my fellow MiE mates. Wish me luck..

OBS, here we come!!


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