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Thursday, September 08, 2005

What A Day It Was..

Today, I missed the marketing class at 8:30 am, as I got up late. In fact, I was even intending not to go to school at all, as I slept really late last night. But I dragged myself out of bed anyway, as I needed to return the IT textbook that I had borrowed from Ya Ting the previous day. (IT test is about to kick my ass and I hadn’t even had the textbook, let alone prepare for it. So, yesterday, I went around shopping for the textbook. But to my horror, all the book stores, even the one at Clementi, were out of stock. So, I made a few panic calls and sent out SOS messages. A kind soul by the name of Ya Ting, answered my SOS signal and willingly lent me her textbook so that I could zap it. All in all, I saved about 20 bucks by zapping it instead of buying it. So much for the copy right act! And thanks a million, Ya Ting.)

In the evening, I had a dinner appointment with NNA. We met up at City Hall MRT around 6pm, took the shuttle bus to Suntec City and went up to a restaurant at tower one. Since we didn’t have any reservation, we were told that we had to wait for about half an hour to an hour unless we took the two small separate tables at the very last corner of the restaurant. (I tried to make a reservation in the afternoon but to no avail, as it was already fully booked by the time I called in.)

So, we got no choice but to take those two small and pathetic tables. (it was quite comfy in the small corner though.) By the time we finished our dinner, it was almost 8:30 pm.

NNA wanted to meet her aunt at Clementi, so we rushed back to the shuttle bus queue at Carrefour. While we were queuing, we got impatient and decided to take a walk back to MRT station. So, we strolled back to City Hall MRT through City Link mall. We took MRT, and I dropped NNA at her aunt’s block and went straight back home.When I reached home, a letter from Phillip Securities was waiting for me on my table. It was to confirm that I had sold 3000 shares of Sarin Technology through my account. (Sarin Tech is the first Israel company that got listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. It is in diamond grading, cutting and polishing business.) I bought it at the IPO a few months back and made about $500+ including dividends on that counter when I sold it.

Before going to bed, I picked up a book called Net Entrepreneurs Only, which had long been due to be read. It is about the entrepreneurs who strike it rich - extremely, incredibly and super-duper rich - in the Internet age. The first Internet guru in the book was Jay S. Walker who started the and made billions in the process. He is such a genius that there are a lot of things that can be learnt from him.

The following is the extract from the book:“I spend most of my time looking, prospecting for ideas. I surround myself with people who are challenging and who themselves are looking for ideas. The vast majority of my time is spent in problem-solving sessions and meetings that are focused on finding the diamonds in the rough.”

He does a lot of reading too - very widely from quantum physics to biology, from marketing to economics, etc. Here is his view on reading: “I read fast. I skim for what I’m interested in. I read anything that I find can stimulate my thinking about what people are doing and working on. All the time, I’m constantly ripping things and writing notes.” Quite a visionary, isn’t he??

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